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Translation specialists in the hair and beauty sector

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Professionals in the Hair & Beauty sector have chosen us:

97.6% customer satisfaction

We are the only translation agency in Italy specialised in the hair and beauty sector.

We have 20 years’ experience translating projects for the beauty, cosmetics and hair care industry.

Unlike other translation agencies which work in all sectors, we decided to focus purely on one, YOURS, so you can be sure your translations are in the best possible hands.
The hair and beauty sector invests huge amounts of money in product communication… you are probably spending thousands of Euros in copywriting and professional communication campaigns, to ensure the contents of your brochures, packaging, product information leaflets and marketing materials sell your products.

But what happens when your company decides to expand into new foreign markets?

That’s when you can have a problem: the language in the hair and beauty sector is fascinating but poses a challenge as it is packed with technical terms that only people in the know are familiar with.
If your projects end up with an agency that does not have the right market knowledge, there is a good chance you will receive a translation that may be grammatically correct but is not a faithful reproduction of the original, and it might even be wrong.

This translation is throwing the money you so carefully invested
to have compelling texts that will sell your products down the drain.
You can’t let that happen.

What you need are professional translators who are able to capture the essence of the original text in their own language, every nuance and every technical term, so they can help you SELL your products.

This is our mission: to help you exploit the potential offered by foreign markets and sell more products in more languages!

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