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Translations in the Hair & Beauty sector

Sell in more countries, conquer new markets and expand your brand in the world

We help brands and professionals in the sector Hair & Beauty to position itself in the world as a leader through highly professional translations thanks to an in-depth knowledge of foreign languages, cultures and legal aspects.

The results of a specialized translation compared to a generic one are decisive for the future of a brand that wants to expand abroad.

Professionals in the Hair & Beauty sector have chosen us:

97.6% customer satisfaction

Professional translations specific for the Hair & Beauty Sector

From Italian to English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Dutch, Flemish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese.

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Watch this video, and discover how our specialized translators in the Beauty sector can help you.

Why rely on a specialized translation?

When a brand wants to expand abroad, the first thing to consider is the correct translation of its material. Unfortunately when we rely on generic translations we risk not considering important factors such as the cultural and above all the legal aspect.

We can help you with:

Professional translations

We translate your texts from and into the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Albanian , Arabic, Farsi, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese.


We put at your disposal professional interpreters for translations:

simultaneously (while the speaker speaks, the interpreter translates into the target language)
in consecutive (after the speaker intervenes, the interpreter translates into the target language)
in chucotage (while the speaker speaks, the interpreter translates into the target language, whispering it in the ear of the interlocutor)


Together with the translations we also offer a text copywriting service to differentiate your communication and make the customer understand why to choose your products compared to those of competing companies. Because it is true that to sell today you invest in the brand, in visibility, in the reputation of your company, but what would it be like if every single product were sold alone?

We are "Wetraslatebeauty"

Why choose us over any translation agency?

  • We are the Translation Specialists in the Hair & Beauty sector For 20 years we have been translating for the most important companies in the sector and only for these. We know perfectly the language of the Hair & Beauty sector because that's what we talk about every day.
  • We guarantee you impeccable translations All our translators are strictly native speakers, certified and with at least ten years' experience in the field. We never use novice translators.
  • We help you sell more Sales in your sector are above all "emotion" and we know that you are investing time and resources to win customers with product communication. This is why we are committed to ensuring that our translations enhance the copywriting of your products and help you sell them!

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